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Threats to the DNS system is the second most exploited infrastructure system by hackers. Since DNS impacts all access to IP things, CIO¡¯s are putting major focus on projects to protect and inform about potential DNS server activity that could be due to hacker attacks. Getting the right tools to the DNS Administrator and Forensics Analysts are key.

One of the few things everyone agrees about on cybersecurity is that it is all about reducing and managing risk. The major components of risk are threats and vulnerabilities, and risk levels go through cycles as threats and vulnerabilities wax and wane. The major factors that cause those elements to vary are changes in technology and changes in business processes.

DNS vulnerabilities are second only to HTTP in the number and frequency of exploitation by hackers. With DNS being the ¡®Internet¡¯s Directory Assistance¡¯ gaining control of a DNS server can run havoc on your business sending users, clients, and employees to the wrong servers. This can result in misinformation being relayed, userids and passwords or confidential information being acquired by cyber thieves, or malware being placed on unsuspecting systems. Understanding if your DNS servers have been compromised by techniques like cache poisoning, amplification, or redirection is essential to protecting your business, employees, clients and users in general.

CLEVERDetect for DNS is the solution that improves insight into DNS record changes.

DNS Diff exposes changes in DNS records with customized interval recording which could be due to malicious activity.

Mobile and browser interfaces ensures real-time notification of problems leading to increased Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) activity visibility.

Web Browser and Mobile app provides enhanced visibility to DNS record changes.

Ensures real-time notification of DNS record changes to the appropriate IT knowledge worker with structured alert levels and alert notification reports.

Identifies who will receive specific alert details for decision making with the user authorization level function.

Rearm capability avoids flooding mobile device with repetitive alerts.

Audit report displays historical details on when a DNS record was different from the baseline.

Commands provides access to common TCP/IP functions like Ping and Traceroute to aid in forensic diagnosis.

Assists in the detection of cache poisoning, amplification, and redirection vulnerabilities.

DNS Monitor shows real-time changes in DNS records compared to a baseline.

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