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CLEVER Education specializes in performance, problem resolution, and implementation related training for Linux Servers with an emphasis on Linux Servers running on IBM z Systems. Members of the Education team have experience, passion, and deep knowledge in the subject taught.

The group is led by Laura Knapp, who has been in the forefront of Enterprise Information Technology transformation including planning, implementation, securing, integration, and service management disciplines at large enterprises for over 40 years. Click here to see Laura's background.

Each course is customized to each clients' needs. Below are a few of the often asked for modules used to develop a custom learning experience.

Linux Course Catalogue
Course Description 
Performance Management for Linux Servers What many of us are quickly learning is that in a cloud world, Linux is the preferred operating system and performance management is a critical issue for the success of any project. While provisioning may provide high availability, the result may not provide the same level of performance for the server. This section focuses on the following key areas:
  • New Performance Metrics for Linux Servers
  • Network connectivity and response time
  • Connection optimization
  • Routing in an agile environment
  • Performance Metrics unique to public and private Linux Servers
Introduction to Linux Performance Management In today's world, performance has taken on new meaning. It is no longer the domain of capacity planners sitting in cramped offices pouring over historical reports to determine needed system changes. Today, it is a fast-paced, real-time monitoring, analyzing, and reporting discipline that requires tools looking at networks, as well as across the system. Without a good performance methodology in place, technology implementation may fall flat. This section focuses on thefollowing key areas:
  • New Performance Metrics for Networks
  • Network connectivity and response time
  • Connection optimization
  • Routing in an agile environment
  • Performance Metrics unique to public and private networks
Diagnosing Linux Server Network Problems using Packet Trace Rapid network problem diagnosis at the packet level is critical for optimal service delivery, especially in a cloud environment. This section focuses on th following key areas:
  • Review the TCP/IP Protocol
  • How to generate Packet Traces on a variety of operating systems
  • How do analyze packet traces by looking at traces from real situations
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