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Intrusion Detection is a very dynamic security activity impacting the network infrastructure and any IP enabled thing (IOT). Enterprise data centers are most concerned about intrusion detection at the network level and on servers. At its most basic an Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) device is passive, watching packets of data traverse the device, comparing the packets to configured rules (called policies), and setting off an alarm if there is anything suspicious. An IDS can detect several types of malicious traffic that would slip by a typical firewall.

A comprehensive baseline must be established to understand the ¡®normal¡¯ activity. A risk assessment follows prioritizing the impact on the business of an intrusion, defining the critical systems on which to implement intrusion detection services, and defining the intrusion detection policies to be implemented. Implementation follows with critical information like defined message, information, alert, and event handling to specific SNMP managers and SIEM systems established. Consistent visibility to these information flows is required to stop malicious traffic.

The IDS service gives deep visibility into activity allowing it to also pinpoint problems with security policy, document existing threats, and discourage users from violating security policy. Other functions in applications also aid in intrusion detection. Awareness of unauthorized access attempts at logon is another way of understanding potential intrusions.

CLEVERDetect for IDS is a z/OS Intrusion Detection tool providing a new way to view IDS messages, route these messages to SNMP or SIEM managers, view FTP server logon failures, and issue commands from either a browser or mobile interface. The ability to provide enterprise wide z/OS intrusion details and FTP Logon failures in a crisp, clear, and concise environment allows trend, pattern and anomaly identification. The resulting details provide for more effective decision-making to meet today¡¯s dynamic anywhere anytime security environment. IT staff need access to intrusion details from not only their browser desktops, but also their cell phones. With the CLEVER Mobile® for IDS app they have access anytime, anywhere!

CLEVERDetect for IDS is the solution that improves visibility of z/OS intrusions.

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